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Scams - Contest Scams

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In today’s world, we are surrounded by scams of all nature and sizes. Scams find their way in almost every filed imaginable. Even as we are sitting at our office or home, a scam may have been taking place.  In fact, the people are so much influenced by monetary benefits that they take the path of scams to make money in a short period of time without investing anything.

Contest scams are one of the many types of scams that are eating our society. Contest scams are difficult to be cracked since the people themselves enter these fancy looking contests in return of name and fame.

The contest scams work by advertisements in the magazines or websites.  For example, the advertisement for a lottery contest says that the entry fee is $29.95 or $99 for 3 months, six-month or longer period.  However, the fact is that these companies never enter you in any lottery contest, run with your money, and never return.

My advice to you will be to keep away from the bad habit of entering lottery contests. These types of contest scams only rarely give you any chance of winning and you always end up losing your hard earned money.  You should use your energy and efforts to achieve your goals in life rather than wasting your time, energy, and money on these kind of gambles.

Another kind of contest scam is writing contest, which is advertised in leading newspapers and magazines as well as on the websites.

Although all the writing contests are not into any kind of scam yet there are substantial number of these contests that are illegitimate.

Many young and aspiring writers fall in the net of writing contests scamsters in the hope of getting their work published. They pay huge entry fees to these contests in return of name and a huge winning amount. However, the fact is that these writing contests never exist at all and sponsors take all the money.

Therefore, I advise all the new and aspiring writers to enter in only those contests, which have a history, give the name of judges, editors or agents. You can also enter the writing contest if you find contact name, address, and phone number for future reference.

You can also inquire about deadline date for the contest and a date when winners will be announced. You should look for contests with no or negligible entry fees.

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